FASI ViewMic Software & MicLink Interface
Centralize Process Control For Up To 16 Measurement Devices

miclinkNew ViewMic software from FASI, Inc. lets you monitor up to sixteen remote measurement devices in one place, so you can control your processes easily and efficiently. The software provides recipes and tolerance checking with on-screen color coding, optional alarm outputs, trend charts, SPC data collection and reporting, plus data logging to Microsoft Excel.

ViewMic interfaces with any device that automatically transmits measurement data via a serial port, including:

  • Beta LaserMike processors and gauges (2000, 192, 282 series and others)
  • DataPro 3000 series processors
  • PrecisionPro 2000 processors
  • BenchMike
  • Accuscan

MicLink uses a short serial cable at the production line to connect to a measurement device and then transmits data wirelessly to a remote PC equipped with ViewMic. MicLink provides five dry contact relays for alarm outputs, four digital inputs, and a length and line speed encoder input.

Alternatively, you can use serial cables to connect measurement devices directly to the ViewMic enabled PC.

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