Refurbished Beta LaserMike and Z-Mike

Refurbished LaserMikes

Only FASI, Inc. backs up all refurbished equipment with an unconditional, money-back guarantee. We promise that each and every reconditioned Beta LaserMike andĀ Z-Mike/Zygo BenchMike will perform to its original specifications or will refund your money with no questions asked. In addition, you get the same one year, parts and labor limited warranty provided with new equipment from the original manufacturer.

LaserMike Processor Inventory

Beta LaserMike Model 1000/2000 Processors » call for pricing

Beta LaserMike Model 182/192 Closed-Loop Proportional Controllers » call for pricing

Z-Mike & Benchmike Inventory

Z-Mike BenchMike Model 1220/4050 » $8000.00

Z-Mike BenchMike Model 1210/4025 » $8000.00

Z-Mike BenchMike Model 1202B » $5755.00

Z-Mike BenchMike Model 1201B » $5755.00

183-195 BenchMikes » call for pricing

LaserMike Model 183B-100 » call for pricing