Z-Mike Service & Calibration

FASI’s Connecticut Team Provides The Industry’s Most Complete
Z-MikeTM/ZygoTM Calibration & Repair Services

FASI Partner and Lead Z-Mike Technician Joe Gomez and his team bring over 50 years of experience to servicing this equipment. Z-Mike service is performed in FASI’s Bristol, Connecticut office:

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Joe Gomez
Mobile: 860-836-1429
Email: joe.g@fasi-inc.com

Z-Mike Calibration

Because FASI specializes in servicing laser-based measuring equipment, our expertise and extensive experience allows us to perform much more detailed and accurate procedures. Moreover, per the QS 9000 Standard, only ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited service providers may calibrate laser micrometers. FASI is the only such accredited service company specializing in laser measuring instruments.

You should be aware that non-accredited service providers typically perform calibration per the instructions in the equipment’s operator’s manual, a process known as Dual Point Remastering. This is an elementary, 2-point process that does not thoroughly calibrate the instrument for maximum effectiveness.

FASI performs a process to relinearize the gauge’s optical path at 80 points using proprietary equipment and programs. This procedure corrects for any optical imperfections within the gauge. The remaining calibration activities include the use of multiple gauge pins traceable to NIST.

Comparison Of FASI Calibration Versus Dual Point Method
FASI Dual Point
Clean External Optics YES YES
Check/Clean Internal Optics YES NO
Number of Mastered Points 80 2
Verification of Test Points & Power Supply Voltages YES NO
Optical Alignment YES NO
Scan-Across Test YES NO
Repeatability Test YES NO
Drift Test YES NO
Multi-Point Performance Test In Centered & V-Block Positions YES NO
Certificate of Calibration PerISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation YES NO

If calibration determines that your equipment requires repair, FASI can take whatever steps are necessary to bring your instrument into compliance.

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