Beta LaserMike Model 200 Scanner call for pricing

Provides precise, non-contact, dual plane measurement of small, difficult-to-measure products including fine wire and fiber optics. Equipped with two, long-lasting  laser diodes, model 200 accurately measures your products from 0.0012” to 0.25” (0.03-6.35 mm) in size.

Like all refurbished scanners from FASI, Inc., model 200 helps you improve productivity, reduce costs and make better quality products.

Measurement Range: 0.0012 to .25 in. (0.03 to 6.35 mm)
Repeatability: ±0.000005 in. (±0.00013 μm)
Accuracy: ±0.00001 in. (±0.00025 μm) -+.02%