Great product, great delivery, great after the service sale. VALUED FASI CUSTOMER

FASI has a proven track record of standing behind the work they do. VALUED FASI CUSTOMER

We were constantly cracking Z-Mike windows with our automated process. FASI provided a modification to our Benchmikes. We have not damaged a window in three years since the modification. VALUED CUSTOMER

FASI's regional presence throughout the US has been a great match for us allowing us to get local support and calibration for all of our five facilities. FASI CUSTOMER

We appreciate their commitment to aid in our manufacturing process. Our quality has never been better. FASI CUSTOMER

Incredible response time for problems. FASI CUSTOMER

Repairs are done right the first time, and their turn around has always fit my needs to a tee. FASI CUSTOMER

FASI really stands behind what they sell, and they don't forget you after the sale. FASI CUSTOMER

I would recommend FASI for all your LaserMike needs. FASI CUSTOMER

The FASI team works with us through every step of the process. FASI CUSTOMER

FASI has provided us with multiple pieces of refurbished equipment: better than buying new and at half the cost. VALUED FASI CUSTOMER

It is nice to work with a group of service providers who know the equipment and care about it. FASI CUSTOMER

I have worked with these guys for 15 years. They are in the top five of all our outside vendors. FASI CUSTOMER

FASI not only has unmatched service, they are the only Laser repair company that is Guide 17025 certified to calibrate our gauges. They do it all: LaserMike, TLA and Zumbach. VALUED FASI CUSTOMER

FASI provided a hardware and software solution that others said could not be done. VALUED FASI CUSTOMER

FASI has provided us with fast and reliable service. FASI CUSTOMER

When it comes to LaserMike repairs or questions, I always call FASI first. FASI CUSTOMER

FASI provides excellent deals on used equipment. VALUED FASI CUSTOMER

FASI takes care of our equipment like it was their own. FASI CUSTOMER

FASI provided 17025 Accredited Calibration for our LaserMike. Their Certificates impressed our auditor. Their service has been second to none. FASI CUSTOMER

FASI developed a Software Program that allows our equipment to interface with a computer. This allows us to view Trend Charts and gather data, which allows us to use our equipment with an up-to-date display and provide electronic and printed Spool reports to our end user. FASI CUSTOMER

I buy all of my equipment from FASI, they honor a "no questions asked" for returns.

FASI is willing to spend time with you on the phone to work out problems. FASI CUSTOMER